Viruses moved to Quarantine have been completely disabled. Once in Quarantine a virus cannot spread, operate or damage anything on a computer.

Due to the nasty ways viruses work, they can be quite problematic to remove or delete entirely – so it isn’t uncommon to see errors when trying to delete viruses from Quarantine. This shouldn’t cause alarm, the best way forward, although it might seem uncomfortable, is to leave the files as is in Quarantine.

Remember, viruses 100% cannot operate whilst in Quarantine. So unless you are encountering problems with hard disk space, it is wise to just leave them be, isolated, disabled, unable to spread – Quarantined.

Sometimes, files that do not remove from Quarantine have become broken due to multiple Antivirus programs running. We don’t advise having multiple Antivirus installed for this reason. Let’s say TotalAV finds a virus and moves it to Quarantine, then another Antivirus application runs and sees the virus within the TotalAV quarantine folder, it may well force it out of there into its own Quarantine folder – this potentially could risk the virus getting back onto the computer. No fault to TotalAV or other Antivirus, it’s just not something that Quarantine folders are developed to handle.

Source : Official TotalAV Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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