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Panda Endpoint Protection on Aether Platform Panda Endpoint Protection Plus on Aether Platform

Panda Adaptive Defense 360 divides websites into several categories, enabling administrators to restrict access to them and to any manually entered URL. This protection helps organizations optimize network bandwidth usage and employee productivity, restricting access to non-business related Web content. Additionally, Panda Adaptive Defense 360 allows administrators to set time restrictions to limit access to certain website categories and blacklisted sites during workhours, or authorize it during non-business hours or weekends.

Note that from Release XI, Forcepoint provides the web access control categorization.

If you are on a previous product version, you will see the new category equivalent. See chart below for further details.

Pre-release XI categories Post-release XI categories
Abortion – Pro-Choice
Abortion – Pro-Life
Gambling Gambling
Weapons Weapons
Personal Storage Bandwidth – Personal Network Storage and Backup
Bandwidth – Entertainment Video
Peer-to-Peer Bandwidth – Peer-to-Peer File Sharing
Bandwidth – Internet Radio and TV
Bandwidth – Surveillance
Streaming Media & Downloads Bandwidth – Streaming Media
Bandwidth – Internet Telephony
Bandwidth – Educational Video
Bandwidth – Viral Video
Job Search Job Search
Shopping | Greeting cards Shopping
Real Estate Shopping – Real Estate
Shopping – Internet Auctions
Adult Material
Nudity Adult Material – Nudity
Sex Education Adult Material – Sex Education
Adult Material – Lingerie and Swimsuit
Adult Material – Adult Content
Pornography/Sexually Explicit Adult Material – Sex
Sports Sports
Sports – Sport Hunting and Gun Clubs
Parked domains Parked Domain
Drugs – Nutrition
Illegal Drugs Drugs – Abused Drugs
Drugs – Marijuana
Drugs – Prescribed Medications
Education Education
Arts Education – Cultural Institutions
Education – Educational Institutions
Education – Reference Materials
Education – Educational Materials
Special Events
Militancy and Extremist
Government Government
Government – Military
Politics Government – Political Organizations
Advocacy Groups
Illegal Software | Criminal Activity | Child Abuse Images Illegal or Questionable
Internet Communication
Chat Internet Communication – Web Chat
Internet Communication – Organizational Email
Internet Communication – Text and Media Messaging
Web-based Email Internet Communication – General Email
Games Games
Tasteless Tasteless
Business Business and Economy
Business and Economy – Hosted Business Applications
Finance Business and Economy – Financial Data and Services
News News and Media
News and Media – Alternative Journals
Entertainment Entertainment
Entertainment – Media File Download
Hate & Intolerance Intolerance
Collaboration Office
Social Organizations
Social Organizations – Social and Affiliation Organizations
Non-profits & NGOs Social Organizations – Service and Philanthropic Organizations
Social Organizations – Professional and Worker Organizations
General Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous – Dynamic Content
Private IP Addresses Miscellaneous – Private IP Addresses
Network Miscellaneous – Network Errors
Miscellaneous – Web Infrastructure
Miscellaneous – Content Delivery Networks
File Repositories Miscellaneous – File Download Servers
Image Sharing Miscellaneous – Web Images
Advertisements & Pop-Ups Productivity – Advertisements
Productivity – Online Brokerage and Trading
Forums & Newsgroups Productivity – Message Boards and Forums
Instant Messaging Productivity – Instant Messaging
Productivity – Pay-to-Surf
Download Sites Productivity – Application and Software Download
Extended Protection
Anonymizers Extended Protection – Elevated Exposure
School Cheating Extended Protection – Suspicious Content
Extended Protection – Dynamic DNS
Cryptocurrency Mining Extended Protection – Emerging Exploits
Extended Protection – Newly wp-signup.phped Websites
Social Web
Religion Religion
Cults Religion – Non Traditional Religions
Religion – Traditional Religions
Health & Medicine Health
Fashion & Beauty Society and Lifestyles
Alcohol & Tobacco Society and Lifestyles – Alcohol and Tobacco
Dating & Personals Society and Lifestyles – Personals and Dating
Society and Lifestyles – Gay or Lesbian or Bisexual Interest
Leisure & Recreation Society and Lifestyles – Hobbies
Social Networking Society and Lifestyles – Social Networking
Restaurants & Dining Society and Lifestyles – Restaurants and Dining
Personal Sites Society and Lifestyles – Blogs and Personal Sites
Computers & Technology Information Technology
Information Technology – Web Hosting
Information Technology – Web Analytics
Information Technology – Proxy Avoidance
Search Engines & Portals Information Technology – Search Engines and Portals
Information Technology – Web Collaboration
Hacking Information Technology – Hacking
Information Technology – Web and Email Marketing
Information Technology – Unauthorized Mobile Marketplaces
Information Security Information Technology – Computer Security
Spam Sites Information Technology – Web and Email Spam
Translators Information Technology – Website Translation
Travel | Transportation Travel
Violence Violence

Source : Official Panda Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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