Here, you have the most frequent queries related to the Control Panel of the new WatchGuard Email Protection (WEP).

– How can I log into WEP Control Panel?

Go to new Control Panel URL: https://emailprotection.watchguard.com and use your new credentials, first received by email.

  • New administrators now use the following format: [email protected]
  • Password mustbe changed after the first Control Panel access
To reset the password after the first access to the Control Panel, select the Personal Settings button in the top right corner and click the Password option.
To grant admin permissions to an existing user, go to the Service Dashboard menu in the left side (customer level has to be selected) and assign the WG_admin role:

  • The user must exist in the Control Panel, and only @wgemailprotection.wg or customer domains are allowed for admin users.
When you first log in to the Control Panel, the Scope selection box is empty.

Select the customer level to be able to access all the features of WatchGuard Email Protection, including access to the Service Dashboard menu where you can grant administration permissions.

Help nº- 20211126 600019 EN

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