This article concerns:

  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus versions,, and
  • Kaspersky Internet Security versions,, and
  • Kaspersky Total Security versions,, and
  • Kaspersky Free versions, and
  • Kaspersky Small Office Security 4 version
  • Kaspersky Fraud Prevention 5.0 version

Limitations resulting from the case used in file and folder names

By default, the Windows file system doesn’t take into account the case of the letters used in file and folder names.
In Windows 10 RS5, it is now possible to make the names of files and folders case-sensitive. You can specify in the settings whether or not the system should differentiate between upper and lower case letters.

The Kaspersky Lab product versions listed above do not work on Windows 10 RS5 where case-sensitivity in file and folder names is in use.


Interaction with Windows Defender Security Center

Kaspersky Lab applications work with Windows Defender Security Center with the following limitations:

  • Kaspersky Lab applications are displayed in Windows Defender Security Center as anti-virus applications, but they cannot be opened from the Center.
  • Application statuses are not displayed.

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