The article concerns Kaspersky Security Cloud — Personal and Family.

When trying to activate Kaspersky Security Cloud, you get a notification about a license problem.


  • You are already using the license on a maximum number of devices.
  • License has expired.
  • The owner of the Family license:
    • Has canceled your invitation
    • Has deleted the license from their My Kaspersky account
    • Has deleted their My Kaspersky account


  1. Buy a new subscription for Kaspersky Security Cloud. See the Online Help page for instructions.
  2. Activate the application. See the Online Help page for instructions.

What to do if the issue persists

If the issue persists, contact Kaspersky technical support by choosing the topic and filling out the form.

Source : Official Kaspersky Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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