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This article describes the instructions to follow to install the agent of products based on Aether Platform from the administration console. Once the agent is installed on the device, it will connect to the server, and the protection will be deployed back to the endpoint.

Before you start
Please, check the installation requirements for WindowsLinuxmacOS and Android plus the URLs and ports required to comunicate with the server before you proceed with the installation.

Steps to follow
Follow the steps below to install the Aether Platform agent installation process:

  • Click the Add computers button on the COMPUTERS page.
  • Select the platform you want to protect (Windows, MacOS, Linux or Android) or else, use the Discovery and remote installation option. The Windows installer is compatible with computers with an x86 or ARM processor.

  • Then, choose the group that the computer will integrate into:
    • To integrate the computer into a native group, click Add computers to this group and select a destination in the folder tree displayed. It will automatically inherit the settings of the folder where it will reside
    • To integrate the computer into an Active Directory group, click Add computers to their Active Directory path. You will have to manually select the proxy and language settings from those displayed in the drop-down menu.
    • To integrate the computer into one group or another based on its IP address, click the option Select the group based on the computer’s IP.
  • Select the Network settings to be applied to the computer.
  • To prevent the installer from being used after a certain date, click the text box and select a date in the calendar.
  • Choose how you want to carry out the installation.
    • Send URL by email
    • Download installer
  • Proceed with the installation. Depending on the operating system, you will need to follow a different set of instructions.
        • Windows

          Run the downloaded installer and follow the installation wizard. The product will then verify that it has the latest version of the signature file and the protection engine. If it does not, it will update automatically.

        • Linux

          The Linux protection is installed by default with dependencies. This means that we make use of certain system libraries for certain protection functionalities. If these system components are not installed or are outdated, the installation of the Linux protection will download and update them.

          For Linux servers isolated from the Internet, and only in this case, you need to install the Linux protection without dependencies and use a proxy compatible with Linux. It is recommended in isolated environments that are not upgraded, since libraries installed to avoid dependencies may stop working if the system is upgraded.

          Installation without dependencies is supported from RedHat/CentOS 6, 7 and 8 and from SUSE11 SP2 to SUSE15 SP2. It is available from Linux protection v3.01.00.0001.

          Steps to follow:

          For the installation of the product on the device, you need to have administrator permissions. Additionally, execution rights on the downloaded package are also required.

          Open a terminal in the folder with the downloaded package and run the following command:

          $ sudo chmod +x “/DownloadPath/Panda Endpoint Agent.run”
          $ sudo “/DownloadPath/Panda Endpoint Agent.run”

          Installation without dependencies:

          $ sudo chmod +x “/DownloadPath/Panda Endpoint Agent.run”
          $ sudo “/DownloadPath/Panda Endpoint Agent.run — –no-deps”

          To verify the installation of the agent, launch the following command to check if the AgentSvc process is running:

          $ ps ax | grep AgentSvc

          You can also verify that the installation directories have been created:


          Updating the Linux protection

          The protection update, where applicable, will take into account if you need to install the package with or without dependencies depending on whether or not the machine has run the script.

    • MacOS

      In order to launch the installation, save the installer on the device, double-click on the .dmg file and then, run the .pkg contained within.

      To verify the installation of the agent, launch the following command to check the AgentSvc process is running:

      $ ps ax | grep AgentSvc

      You can also verify that the installation directories have been created:


    • Android

      To install the software on the user’s device, follow the steps below:

      1. Select the group within the folder tree in which the device will be added. The QR code will be updated automatically.
      2. Download the Android app following one of the three methods described below:
        • Via QR code: click the QR code to expand it. Aim the device camera at the screen, and scan it using a QR code application.
          The device screen will display a Google Play URL to download the app. Click the URL. QR Barcode Scanner and Barcode Scanner are two free QR readers available on Google Play.
        • Via email: click the Send URL by email link to generate an email with the link for the user. The user will have to click the link that points to the app download in Google Play.
        • Via the management console: if you have accessed the management console from the device, click the Go to Google Play link and download the app.

          Once the app is installed, the user will be prompted to accept the granting of administrator permissions for the app. Once the process is complete, the device will appear in the group selected in the folder tree.

Source : Official Panda Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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