New features

  • Client package update to
  • New program logo and icons
  • Heuristics for zero-day exploit detection now implemented in protection module
  • Malwarebytes Anti-Malware now shows Windows 8 START screen notifications
  • Option to allow a threat to run temporarily (Allow Temporarily) added to filesystem protection prompts
  • Option to add a detected item to the Ignore List (Allow Always) added to filesystem protection prompts
  • Heuristics for detecting new and unknown threats improved
  • Scanner efficiency improved
  • Microsoft Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10 now identified correctly in scan logs
  • Help file updated to include information on new features
  • Better compatibility with many other security products in real-time
  • Scan IP or hostname from a text file during client push installation to minimize deployment time
  • SQL embedded data backup and restore utility
  • New policy protection settings to show or hide tooltip balloon when filesystem threat is blocked
  • Top risk report displays threat statistics if administrator selects a threat name
  • Administrator user access control: IMPORTANT NOTE: Legacy created administrator accounts will default to read only after server upgrade, login with built-in “admin” account to assign new permissions
  • Client push install has new scan option to enable serial client IP detection if management server could not detect clients in the network
  • Maximum password setting increased from 10 to 32 characters


  • Created a warning prompt during installation if a DHCP IP is assigned to the management server
  • Ability to disable or enable Windows proxy setting for client and server communication
  • Validate that the management server address, localname, or FQDN matches the backup during database restoration
  • Upgrading management server retains embedded and external database
  • Enable Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) if push install, simulation install, or detect client software failed
  • Policy option to create right click context menu on client gets disabled properly if option is unchecked
  • Addressed server exception that causes the scan button to become greyed out under client push install tab
  • Right click and adding a registry object to the Ignore List from the client security logs in the console does not generate an error
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