Web Protection provides an extra layer of security to protect you from suspicious websites while you are surfing the Internet.

The Web Protection module lists all user-created rules that dictate whether or not your computer can access a particular domain. You can use the search box to search for specific hosts.

The Import hosts file button allows you to add multiple rules at once by importing a custom hosts file. You can select the desired mode for your list from the following options: [Don’t block][Alert][Block and notify], and [Block silently]. If your list has some of each, split the list into separate lists according to the available categories, and import each list in turn.

When adding new custom rules, you can specify if you want to use a simple text based matching on the host name/IP, or a more complex Regular Expression based matching pattern. What is a RegEx?

You can also configure the default action (options include [Don’t block][Alert][Block and notify] or [Block silently]) Web Protection takes for each of the following categories of hosts:

  • Malicious hosts– Hosts engaged in malware distribution and phishing.
  • Unwanted hosts – Hosts engaged in distribution of potentially unwanted programs (PUPs).

For more information regarding Web Protection, please see our comprehensive guide.

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