We’re here to help

Each request will be answered as soon as possible, usually within less than 24 hours. The Emsisoft team prides itself on its response speed, and having an expert answer the first time.

When contacting us, please try to pick the one method most applicable to your situation. Emailing or otherwise contacting us using more than one address can actually slow down replies.

Fastest: Live Chat

Click the live chat button at the right bottom of this screen to get a direct line to our support staff.


  • General questions, technical support, malware removal, ransomware, and anything that doesn’t fit in one of the other sections: [email protected]
    Or, you can also post general, technical support, and malware removal questions in the Support Forum. Qualified technicians are available and will help you solve your problem quickly.
  • Questions about licensing, pricing, purchasing and payments: [email protected]
  • Press inquiries and media resources: [email protected]
  • Submit something you do not believe we currently detect: [email protected]
  • Submit ‘false positives’; things that you do not believe we should detect, but we do: [email protected]
  • For the hackers out there who notice something exploitable involving our software that we have not noticed, please report vulnerabilities in our software: [email protected]
  • You may also directly email our managing director for major business matters: [email protected]

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