This article applies to Sophos Home account holders experiencing a scenario in which their Sophos Home installation shows as Trial or Free, instead of Premium, or they are prompted to create an account on their Sophos Home dashboard.

Why did this happen ?

1 – Sophos Home trial was downloaded from the Sophos Home website, instead of via a Premium Dashboard 
2 – Sophos Home was downloaded via an existing non-Premium dashboard

How do I fix it?

Re-install Sophos Home using your Premium account

IMPORTANT: If applicable  Please remove any 3rd party Antivirus software, disable Firewall, VPN or network restrictions before following these steps (you may turn them back on when done)

On your affected device:
1 – Access your Downloads folder and delete any SophosInstall /SophosInstaller files if present
2 – Follow the steps to uninstall Sophos Home:

3 – After uninstalling Sophos Home,  restart your computer

4 – Click on this link: the Add Device dashboard section and log in to your Sophos Home Premium account – This will present you with the option to download a new installer from your Premium dashboard.
5 – Install Sophos Home using the above downloaded installer
6 – Restart your computer,  then click on the Sophos Home Shield to verify your Premium status.

Verify your Sophos Home account is Premium

Log in to your Sophos Home Dashboard
Click on your Email address at the top right –> My account
Enter your password to review your account settings. In there, you will find your current subscription status.
If you need help activating your Premium account, follow these steps: Activating Premium License keys

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Source : Official Sophos Brand
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