• Initially, only one subscription is created when you subscribe to Dr.Web Mobile Life to protect 1-5 devices. If you need to get your other Android devices protected:

    • In the My subscriptions section of your Dr.Web Mobile Life subscription area, open the Subscription management section (click on +).
    • Select the action Get Dr.Web.
    • In the newly appeared section
  • How do I activate the service?
  • For how long can I subscribe?
  • How to activate a Dr.Web Mobile Life serial number?

    1. At https://www.drweb.com/saas/mydrweb/activate/, specify the serial number for your Dr.Web subscription.

    • If you do not have a Doctor Web account, create one. You will be emailed the login and password used to access your account and your subscription’s personal user account area.
    • Or sign in to the account you already have.

    2. After registration, you will receive a confirmation email.

    Sign in to your personal area. In the My subscriptions section, download and install the Dr.Web software for Android.

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