You receive the following pop up message on your Mac:

System Extension Blocked

“System Extension Blocked”

“The Program “iCoreService” tried to load new system extension(s). If you want to enable these extensions, open Security Privacy System Preferences.”

This pop up appears because Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac 11.0 provides latest System Extension on macOS10.15 and above. Trend Micro Antivirus needs System Extension to provide complete protection for your Mac.

Allow Trend Micro Extension

  1. Click OK in this System Extension Blocked popup.System Extension Blocked
  2. Click Continue in the Permission Overview page.
  3. Click Open System Preferences.System Extension Blocked
  4. Unlock the page.System Extension Blocked
  5. Click the Allow button.System Extension Blocked
  6. Select all Placeholder Developer, and then click OK.System Extension Blocked
  7. Click Allow when you see this popup below.System Extension Blocked
  8. You will find that the page has changed, click the Continue button.
  9. Click the Open System Preferences button.
  10. Unlock the page if it is locked.
  11. Select Full Disk Access, and then tick Trend Micro Antivirus and Trend Micro Antivirus Extension.

    Make sure to select both Trend Micro Antivirus and Trend Micro Antivirus Extension.

    System Extension Blocked

  12. Click Verify to validate the necessary permissions.System Extension Blocked

You can now open Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac.

Source : Official Trend Micro Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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