Symptoms: You may come across Update error 1002 whenever we try to update Quick Heal Antivirus with the following symptoms:

  • Whenever we perform online update, it shows error message of 1002.
  • Even issue remains same if we retry with the alternate net connection.
  • Issue occurs only during the specific time like in the afternoon only.




  1. Update file is getting corrupted while downloading process due to slow net or network fluctuation.
  2. Wrong update file is getting downloaded due to stale contents from Internet Service Provider.
  3. Live update is getting interrupted due to unstable internet connectivity.

How do I troubleshoot the issue?

1. Retry to update after some time. E.g. After 1 hour. Proceed with steps no. 2 even if same issue upon retrying to update after some time.

2. Change the default DNS by configuring active network connection settings (Run command ncpa.cpl to open network settings) and set it to open DNS i.e. and then retry to update.

3. Even issue is same after retrieval, try to Update Quick Heal with alternate Internet connection having strong Internet Connectivity.

4. If still the issue is same, you can download Oflline Update Packager from http://www.quickheal.com/update

Source : Official Quick Heal Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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