Scenario: If you are getting an error while updating “An error has happened while copying the new updates files”

Steps to follow:

  1. Restart the machine by using shutdown command as Shutdown /r /t 00 in Run.
  2. If issue persist, verify if any 3rd party free anti-virus application such as BytefenceSegurazo live protection etc is running in your machine. If yes, remove them and check for update.
  3. Verify if you are able to access %program files%/K7 Computing/K7TSecurity/AVDefs
  4. If you are not able to access AVDefs folder, rename it in safe mode and create a new AVDefs folder
  5. If issue persist, Navigate to “%program files%->K7 Computing>K7TSecurity->Updates” location in the system
  6. Open Update.log
  7. Verify the file name and location on which update is getting failed from bottom of the log
    Eg: 20/03/2019 09:31 Decompressing dunzip32.dll to C:->Windows->system32->dunzip32.dll Temp File=
    20/03/2019 09:31 CopyFile with unexpected error 5
  8. Navigate to file location (Here, C:->Windows->system32)
  9. Rename the file extension (Here dunzip32.dll) and try updating the product.

In case if you are not able to rename the file, please try to give permission on it or rename it in safe mode.

Note: If the issue persists or you need any assistance, you may raise ticket at Submit a Ticket and Our Support Team will get in touch with you shortly to assist you.

Source : Official G Data Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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