The internet makes it easier for viruses to spread across many devices. We all email documents for collaborative work, share images and videos across social media amongst family or friends and we don’t think twice when downloading seemingly free, useful software and apps – by not using Anti-virus software, modern internet users are exposing their precious files to corruption or even deletion, as well as potentially opening up their private login data to hackers and identity theft.

Anti-virus software, such as TotalAV, is like a knight in shining armour standing at the digital gateway to your computer. Antivirus software knows about 99.9% of computer viruses out in the wild today, it cleverly spots viruses before they get on to a computer and prevents them getting in, at TotalAV we call this Real-Time Protection. Anti-virus also runs scheduled scans of computers, to double-check that no nasty viruses have made there way in. The clever part is efficiently removing viruses and imprisoning them so they can’t operate.

Anti-virus software can stop a virus in its tracks by finding infected files and removing them before they can do any damage.

Source : Official TotalAV Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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