Avira Crypto allows you to use your computer’s idle time to mine the cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH). Since cryptomining requires a high level of processing power, it is not suitable for users with an average computer.

Even with compatible hardware, mining cryptocurrencies on your own can be less rewarding. Your best option is to join a mining pool that shares their computer power to improve their chance of mining cryptocurrency. The rewards are then distributed evenly to all members in the pool.

Avira Crypto comes with both the required mining solution and a personal wallet built in. After mining, you can easily transfer your acquired cryptocurrency from your Avira Crypto wallet to your Coinbase account.

You can access the service via Avira Security for Windows and monitor your account as well as transfer cryptocurrency to Coinbase via your My Avira Account.


Several countries have banned the trading or use of Ethereum along with other cryptocurrencies. It is therefore important to check in advance if Ethereum is legally permitted in the country you are currently located in.

Source : Official Avira Brand
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