Use the categories listed here to block access to web sites based on the results of F-Secure’s Network Reputation Service (NRS) content analysis.

Note: Category names used in the ini file are marked in parentheses.

Web sites that are aimed at an adult (above 18) audience with content that is clearly sexual, or containing sexual innuendo. For example, sex shop sites or sexually-oriented nudity.
Alcohol and tobacco
Web sites that display or promote alcoholic beverages or smoking and tobacco products, including manufacturers such as distilleries, vineyards, and breweries. For example, sites that promote beer festivals and web sites of bars and night clubs.
Anonymizers and proxies
Web sites that allow or instruct people how to bypass network filters, including web-based translation sites that allow people to do so. For example, sites that provide lists of public proxies that can be used to bypass possible network filters.
Web sites of online marketplaces where people can buy and sell their products or services. This includes sites that provide lists of products or services even though the actual transaction may happen somewhere else.
Web sites that provide a portal for finding romantic or sexual partners. For example, matchmaking sites or mail-order bride sites.
Web sites that contain any information (for example, images, explanations or video games) that are disgusting and gross in nature.
Web sites that promote drug use. For example, sites that provide information on purchasing, growing, or selling any form of these substances.
Web sites where people can bet online using real money or some form of credit. For example, online gambling and lottery web sites, and blogs and forums that contain information about gambling online or in real life.
Web sites that indicate prejudice against a certain religion, race, nationality, gender, age, disability, or sexual orientation. For example, sites that promote damaging humans, animals or institutions, or contain descriptions or images of physical assaults against any of them.
Adult sites that contain images and information of children in sexual acts, and web sites that seek to exploit children.
Web sites where people can purchase any products or services, including sites that contain catalogs of items that facilitate online ordering and purchasing and sites that provide information on ordering and buying items online.
Social networking
Networking portals that connect people in general or with a certain group of people for socialization, business interactions, and so on. For example, sites where you can create a member profile to share your personal and professional interests. This includes social media sites such as Twitter.
Web sites whose reputation is unknown (typically due to them being not popular and not frequently accessed) or are not categorized even if they have a safety rating.
Web sites that may incite violence or contain gruesome and violent images or videos. For example, sites that contain information on rape, harassment, snuff, bomb, assault, murder, and suicide.
Warez (illegal downloads)
Web sites that allow users to download without fees or royalties; file sharing between a large number of people, which allows users to download; unauthorized file sharing or software piracy that is distributed by a group of people for free or to make profit.
Web sites that promote the use of any material or contain information, images, or videos of weapons or anything that can be used as a weapon to inflict harm to a human or animal, including organizations that promote these weapons, such as hunting and shooting clubs. This category includes toy weapons such as paintball guns, airguns, and bb guns.
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Trusted and disallowed sites configuration

Trusted sites
Contains a list of trusted site patterns.
Disallowed sites
Contains a list of disallowed site patterns.
Suspicious sites
Contains a list of suspicious site patterns.
Prohibited sites
Contains a list of prohibited site patterns.

Source : Official F-Secure Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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