You can use the configuration designer for apps on devices that are enrolled or not enrolled in Intune.

The designer lets you configure specific configuration keys and values. You must also specify the data type for each value. For each key and value in the configuration, set:

  • Configuration key – The key that uniquely identifies the specific setting configuration.
  • Value type – The data type of the configuration value. Types include Integer, Real, String, or Boolean.
  • Configuration value – The value for the configuration.

The following key and value is mandatory for F-Secure Elements Mobile Protection license activation.

Key Type Value Notes
fate_registration_key string ABCD-EFGH-IJKL-MNOP Example. The actual value is provided by the reseller.

End user is not able to switch VPN off from the F-Secure Elements Mobile Protection app nor disable individual protection features. Read more about the details and limitations with this feature from Keeping VPN switched on automatically.

The following optional keys help to identify devices on F-Secure Elements Endpoint Protection portal. Use Microsoft Intune dynamic variables to get suitable values. We have found the following keys and values working with Intune.

Key Type Value Notes
email string {{email}} Optional
alias string {{partialupn}} Optional

Source : Official F-Secure Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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