This topic explains how the email monitoring quota for ID PROTECTION can be shared within a My F-Secure group.

If you have a My F-Secure account, you can share your F-Secure product licenses with other family members and friends by inviting them to your My F-Secure group.

With ID PROTECTION, you can add your email addresses for monitoring and receive guidance on what to do if your personal information has been leaked in a data breach. All members within your My F-Secure group use the licenses and the email monitoring quota available with your subscription. The number of email addresses that you can add for monitoring within your group depends on your subscription.

All the My F-Secure group members who have their own accounts see only their own list of monitored email addresses. Also notifications about data breaches, if any, are shown only for the user who has added the email address for monitoring, keeping the breach information private for each user.

If the group members share the same My F-Secure account; for example parents usually share their accounts with their small children, the list of monitored email addresses is visible to those within the same account. Then, also data breach alerts related to those email addresses are visible to everyone using the same account.

Source : Official F-Secure Brand
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