As on July 2019, a number of users are reporting having had a program called Segurazo installed on their computer without their knowledge. These users are subsequently reporting problems uninstalling Segurazo via the usual way in the Windows Control Panel.

Segurazo claims to be an antivirus, many users with it installed have had it put on their computer without their consent and report it wastes significant amounts of RAM and CPU, significantly affecting the performance of their computer.

Searching online for Segurazo uninstall help details many articles and forum posts advising that Segurazo can be uninstalled like any other program, within the Control Panel. Although this appears to be the case for the version of Segurazo downloaded from their official website, it is not the case for the unsolicited bundled version that is appearing on users computers without their consent.

Technical Information

  • The unsolicited version does not appear in the Windows Add/Remove Programs list
  • An uninstaller present in the Segurazo Program Files folder (C:/Program Files (x86)/Segurazo) when executed appears to begin an uninstall process, however, it advises a computer restart – and the program is still installed upon restart
  • Background services SegurazoIC.exe and SegurazoService.exe cannot be stopped via Windows Services, a message appears saying Access Denied
  • The above mentioned services cannot be stopped with Windows PowerShell kill -id command
  • The folder located at C:/Program Files (x86)/Segurazo cannot be deleted, again, a message appears stating access is denied

Here at TotalAV we have reported the behaviour of this application to industry bodies and are working on forcing removal of this application through our virus scan service.

In the meantime, Segurazo technical support have kindly provided a proper uninstaller available for download here. This uninstaller will still use dark patterns to attempt to keep Segurazo on the computer. Having clicked the link above and initiated a download, and double clicked the file:

  1. A window will appear advising you have an “Active Segurazo subscription”, ignore this, and click the Uninstall button
  2. A progress bar will appear showing uninstall progress, when it completes it will advise a Restart is required. Click Restart Now
  3. Upon computer restart, wait for a similar Segurazo Uninstall window to appear. It will require you to check what you wish to uninstall, select all boxes, then click Uninstall
  4. A much slower progress bar will show up, allow this to complete

Source : Official TotalAV Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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