Malware is an abbreviation of malicious software. Malware is designed to maliciously execute code on a computer. This could be to steal data, log keystrokes, corrupt files, SPAM email contacts, or overtake control of a computer for other, nasty means.

The creation and distribution of Malware have been massively on the rise since the popularity of cryptocurrency has increased. Cybercriminals have been able to demand money from end-users and distribute money through untraceable means thanks to cryptocurrency, this has regrettably led to even more damaging Malware. There are many types of Malware:

  • Adware – Forced advertising pop-ups that the adware creator is getting affiliate money each time the user views.
  • Spyware – Spys on user activity.
  • Trojans – Seemingly legitimate software that has some use, but has malicious code hidden away inside it.
  • Ransomware – Holds files to ransom, encrypts all files on a computer and offers to decrypt these files if payment is made.
  • Rootkits – Allow cybercriminals or hackers to remotely access and control a computer without the computer owner knowing.
  • Botnets – Automatically take control of a computer without the owner knowing, then spreads malware using that computer’s connection to the internet.
  • Keyloggers – Records every keystroke a user makes on their keyboard and sends it back to the malware developer for identity theft purposes.

Signs of Malware

  • Emails being sent to your address book without initiation from you
  • Changes to browser homepage and frequent redirects when trying to visit a website
  • Frequent pop-ups
  • Computer crashes
  • Slow computer performance after a recent computer restart

How to stay protected against malware

Using TotalAV Real-Time Protection will prevent malware from getting on your computer in the first place. Running regular Anti-virus scans, either manually or through a defined schedule, will ensure any malware on your computer is stopped and removed.

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