Applies to Sophos Home Premium users running Fujitsu Lifebook A series laptops + ALPS driver + Windows 10.

What’s happening:

Due to compatibility issues with a faulty ALPS driver, some customers may not be able to use their keyboard right away after installing Sophos Home premium.
The conflict occurs between the ALPS driver (on the Fujitsu laptop) and Sophos Home’s HitmanPro driver.
This problem will not affect customers using USB keyboards connected to their laptops.

What to do:

In order to address this issue, the service that manages keyboard and ransomware protection needs to be disabled. You will see a “You are not protected!” message on Sophos Home when the driver is disabled – This is expected.

Video steps:

Note: [Optional] you may use the on-screen keyboard to type, instead of the mouse to navigate to Services: Use the On-Screen Keyboard (OSK) to type

1 – Turn off Sophos Home Tamper protection
2 – Click on Start > Windows System > Windows Administrative tools
3 – Right-click Services > Run as Administrator
4 – Scroll down until you find HitmanPro.Alert service
5 – Right-click HitmanPro.Alert service > Properties
6 – Locate Startup type and set it to Disabled
7 – Hit Apply, hit Ok
8 – Right-click on Start > Power > Restart

After restarting the computer, you will see “You are not protected!” in Sophos Home, confirming the service has been disabled. Your keyboard should be functional now.

Source : Official Sophos Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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