SAFE is a comprehensive security service that offers award-winning protection on multiple devices with a single subscription. With SAFE, you can protect yourself and your loved ones against all threats on a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

You need a registered account with the My F-Secure online service to fully utilize SAFE. With My F-Secure, you can conveniently manage the security of your devices, including remotely sending commands to a SAFE-protected smartphone or tablet to safeguard your privacy if you misplace or lose the device.

F-Secure SAFE application
Install the SAFE applications on all your devices to protect your security and privacy. SAFE supports devices running on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS operating systems.
SAFE also protects you and your loved ones while browsing the Internet, with technology like:

  • Browsing Protection (referred to as Safe browsing on mobile platforms), which uses advanced cloud-based web reputation checking to verify the web pages and make sure only safe web sites can be accessed.
  • Banking Protection, which protects your online banking activities by securing the connection when you access an online banking portal.

To use the most up-to-date protection, you can opt to participate in the Security Cloud, an advanced and cooperative cloud-based scanning technology that checks the reputation of any file found on the device. This offers the fastest response time against new threats and protects against both existing and future threats.

My F-Secure
My F-Secure is an easy-to-use online service you can use to remotely install SAFE onto your selected devices, release licenses from your devices, send commands to SAFE-protected mobile devices and manage your subscription.
Once you have created your F-Secure account, you can manage your SAFE service, view your subscription status, and add your family members to your SAFE circle.
You can use My F-Secure to easily transfer a SAFE product from one device to another, whenever you choose to do so. If you need additional licenses to protect more devices, you can conveniently purchase them through the My F-Secure service.
You can also use My F-Secure to protect your privacy and send commands to your SAFE-protected smartphone or tablet to:

  • lock a misplaced or stolen device,
  • locate a misplaced or stolen device, or
  • erase data from an irretrievably lost device.
F-Secure account
To use SAFE, you need to create an F-Secure account. You need your F-Secure account (username and password) to access My F-Secure and to activate the installed SAFE applications.
If you are worried about forgetting your password, download our password management tool, F-Secure ID PROTECTION, at www.f-secure.com/id-protection. It also protects your identity online.
Subscription code
Your subscription code adds time to your entire SAFE service. You can view your subscription status, expiration date, used licenses, and free licenses online.

Source : Official F-Secure Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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