This topic highlights some important information about managing your SAFE subscription through My F-Secure.

My F-Secure

My F-Secure is the home of your protection. It is the management portal for all the devices that are protected with your subscription. Apart from managing your F-Secure products, all subscription-related information is available in the portal.

This means that when you take SAFE into use for the first time, you need to create your own personal My F-Secure account. You can also download the app from your My F-Secure account by selecting TOTAL apps > SAFE. If you have a trial, you only see SAFE.

Sharing licenses

Through My F-Secure, you can also share your SAFE licenses with other family members and friends by inviting them to your My F-Secure group. Once your friends have accepted the invitation and created a My F-Secure account of their own, they can start installing the app on their devices.

All members within your My F-Secure group use the licenses that are available with your SAFE subscription.

Managing subscriptions

Apart from managing your F-Secure product installations, all subscription-related information is available in the portal. The main page shows when your subscription expires and how many free licenses you have. If your subscription is about to come to an end or you have run out of licenses, you can extend your subscription or buy more licenses through the portal.

To view your subscription-related information, select Subscription in the top bar.

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To access your account-related information, notification settings, and to edit your F-Secure email address, select <your name> Account settings in the top bar.

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