Downloading BullGuard Antivirus for iMac

You can download the application from My Account, or you can click HERE to download it.

The package will be placed in the Downloads folder automatically.

Installing BullGuard Antivirus for iMac

Double click on the downloaded package installer to start the installation process.

Introduction screen

License screen

In this screen you can view and read the EULA. You can select from the top the language in which EULA is displayed.

If you click “Continue”, an alert window will be displayed, in which you need to confirm that you agree with the license terms.

Select destination screen

In this screen you can select on which volume drive BullGuard application will be installed. The default volume drive is selected. You can select any available drive by clicking on it.  

If there is only one available volume drive, this step is skipped and you will be redirected straight to the next step.

Installation Type screen

The installer will skip the destination-select screen if there is only one available disk, then display the amount of disk space used and the default install location drive.

If you click “Change Install Location…” button, you will be redirected to previous step, where you can choose a different install location.

Otherwise, press Install to start the program installation.

Installation screen  

Before installing BullGuard you will need to complete your credentials in order to allow the application to be installed.

Please fill in your BullGuard username and corresponding password.

Summary screen

Once the installation is completed the “Summary” screen is shown, confirming the successful installation

First use​

To start the application, click on Go – > Applications -> BullGuard Antivirus, or click on your Launch icon and choose BullGuard Antivirus from there.

Please select the next guide to follow “Register or Login“.

Source : Official BullGuard Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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