To take a backup of the console and its configuration follow these steps:

Method I: 

  1. Search for “Product Backup” in search bar and launch it or else navigate to below location and launch “K7BizBackup.exe

For 32 Bit-> C:Program FilesK7 ComputingK7BusinessServerServer

For 64 Bit-> C:Program Files (x86)K7 ComputingK7BusinessServerServer

2. Backup utility shall get launched. Select the location where backup need to be save. You can also set the password for the backup which has to be entered while restoring it.

3. After choosing the location, click on Start to proceed the backup process

4. After successful process, click on Close. A Backup will be available at selected location which can be used to restore it on same/different system.

Method II: 

  1. Open Run-> Services.msc
  2. Stop SQL Server (K7BIZSQL) service. Navigate to below location and copy the DATA folder to different location as Backup which can be used to restore the Policy/Endpoint configuration.

Note: Please note down the license information from console before following this procedure.

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