You can find your organization’s internet-facing systems in Elements Vulnerability Management with Internet discovery.

Internet discovery uses crawling and port mapping to allow you to collect data on public systems. You can search for data based on location, top-level domain, pay-level domain, keywords, host name, and IP address.

You can add the discovered hosts to a scan group for network vulnerability scanning using either passive or active scanning. Passive scans check for vulnerabilities without connecting to the target host. Active scanning runs a regular system scan on the host.

  1. Go to the Internet discovery page.
  2. Open Filter.
  3. Enter your search query using the following format:
    • Use country:<country code> to search for hosts in a specific country
    • Use tld:<top-level domain> to search for hosts using a specific top-level domain
    • Use pld:<domain> to search for hosts within a specific pay-level domain
    • Use host:<search string> to search for host names that contain a specific string
    • Use keyword:<search string> to search for hosts that contain a specific keyword
    • Use ip:<IP address> to search for hosts that use a specific IP address.
  4. Click Apply.
  5. Select the hosts that you want to scan.
  6. Click Add to scan group.
  7. Choose the type of scan that you want to run.
  8. Select the scan groups for the hosts.
  9. Click Add.

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