This section explains how to distribute F-Secure Elements Endpoint Protection software.

  • You can install the following products using the same installation package. The subscription key determines which product is installed:

    Note: For the installation instructions, see section “Installing the F-Secure Computer Protection software”.

    • F-Secure Computer Protection
    • F-Secure Computer Protection Premium
    • F-Secure Computer Protection and Rapid Detection and Response (RDR)
    • F-Secure Computer Protection Premium and RDR
    • F-Secure Server Protection
    • F-Secure Server Protection Premium
    • F-Secure Server Protection Premium and RDR
    • F-Secure Elements Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Standalone
    • F-Secure Elements EDR for Servers
    • F-Secure Radar Endpoint Agent
  • You can install F-Secure Freedome for Business and F-Secure Elements Mobile Protection in two ways:
    • By sending an installation email via the F-Secure Elements EPP portal using the Add new device or Import mobile devices command.

      Note: With F-Secure Elements Mobile Protection, you can add devices by selecting the Add new device option and then choosing to send either one invitation or importing data from a CSV file to send multiple invitations. With F-Secure Mobile Security and F-Secure Freedome for Business, use the Import mobile devices command.

    • By sending an installation email via a third-party MDM software.

Source : Official F-Secure Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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