You can select which columns you want to be visible in the Devices table .

Note: The feature is currently available only in the Mobile devices tab.

To customize the Devices view:

    1. Click Devices on the sidebar.

If the scope selector is set to display all customer companies, select the company you wish to manage.

The Devices page is displayed.

    1. Select the Mobile devices tab.
    2. At the right corner above the table, select .

A drop-down menu opens showing the Visible columns list.

    1. Select the columns that you want to be visible in the table.

The columns that you selected appear in the table.

    1. To change the order of the columns in the table, do the following:
      1. Point to the name of a column that you want to move.
      2. Depending on where you want the column to appear, drag it up or down in the list.
    2. To define the number of rows shown in the table per page, do the following:
      1. At the right corner above the table, select .
      2. From the drop-down menu, select the desired number of rows.

The number of rows changes according to your selection.

  1. If there are more devices than can be shown in the table per page, use the navigation arrows () located above the table to go to the previous or next page.

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