Instructions on how to add the F-Secure Elements Mobile Protection configuration policies for managed Android devices.

    1. Select Apps.

The Apps overview pane opens.

    1. Under Policy, select App configuration policies.
    2. Select Add > Managed devices

The Create app configuration policy pane opens.

    1. In the Basics tab, do the following:
        1. In the Name field, enter F-Secure Mobile Protection.
        2. From the Platform drop-down menu, select Android Enterprise.
        3. From the Profile type drop-down menu, select Personally-Owned Work Profile Only.
        4. Next to Targeted app, select Select app.

      The Associated app pane opens.

      1. Select F-Secure Elements Mobile Protection, and select OK > Next.

The Settings tab opens.

  1. Do the following:
      1. Under Configuration Settings, from the Configuration settings format drop-down menu, select Use configuration designer.
      2. Select +Add.
      3. On the pane that opens at the right, select the following:
        • Registration key
        • Alias (optional)
        • Email address (optional)
        • Environment (optional)
      4. Select OK.
      5. Select the value types and enter the configuration values for the following configuration keys:
        • Environment: value type: String; configuration value: 2
        • Email address: value type: String; configuration value: {{mail}}
        • Alias: value type: String; configuration value: {{username}}
        • Registration key: value type: String; configuration value: Mobile Protection subscription key.

          Note: You can find the Mobile Protection subscription key in the F-Secure Elements Security Center under Endpoint Protection > Subscriptions.

      6. Select Next.

    The Assignments tab opens.

      1. Under Included groups, select Add all users and select Next.

    The Review + create tab opens.

    1. Select Create.

The app configuration policy was created and assigned.

You need to install the app on an Android device.

Source : Official F-Secure Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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