To use a new scan node, you need to either request a new license or register an already installed scan node in the Elements Security Center.

    1. Go to the Scan nodes page.
    2. Click New scan node.

If you need a new scan node license:

    1. Select Request a new scan node and click Next.
    2. Enter a name and description (optional) for the scan node and click Request.

When your request is approved, the license file automatically starts to download. Follow the steps on the Summary page to install the scan node.

  1. Click Done.

If you already have a scan node license file:

    1. Select register a previously requested scan node and click Next.
    2. Enter a name and description (optional) for the scan node.

Use a name that identifies the scan node server such as a hostname and preferably the source IP, so that other Elements Vulnerability Management users can easily see from which IP the node will be scanning.

    1. Use the switches to select the node types that you want to register and enter the corresponding module identifiers.

Log in to the scan node server and open the scan node control center application. Under the Settings tab, you will find the scan node identifier.

For more information, see how to install a scan node.

Make sure the scan node type matches the node identifier.

    1. Connection type. Defines how the scan node and the Elements Security Center communicate.

By default, the scan node initiates the connection. If a so-called “reverse connection scan node” has been installed, the Elements Security Center must initiate the connection.

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