You can add a new discovery scan on the Discovery scans page.

To add a new discovery scan:

    1. Click the menu button.
    2. Select Create discovery scan.
    3. Select either the Host discovery or Port scan mode.
      • Host discovery identifies if hosts are online or offline. The scan procedures include ARP resolution (in local segments), ICMP PING, and a limited scan for default SSH, HTTP, and HTTPS ports, as well as for Remote Desktop services.
      • Port scan finds the open ports on the hosts and reports the services (for example, database and web services) that are running on each one.
    4. Enter the IP ranges to include in the scan or select Upload targets from file to upload targets in CSV format.
      • Enter a name for each IP range that you enter. Click Add to add more IP ranges to the same scan.
      • You can exclude an IP range within the included range by adding it to the Excluded IP ranges field.

For example:

  1. Select the Scan node to use for the scan.
  2. Click Next.
  3. Select the template to use for the scan.
  4. Define the scan scheduling if you want the scan to run automatically, for example once a month.
  5. Configure the email notifications if you want to receive alerts on certain events.
  6. Click Finish.

Source : Official F-Secure Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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