• Yes. If you go on a business trip, or the service supplier’s data center fails, or the supplier’s server is non-operational, you will continue to receive Dr.Web updates.

    If a device protected by Dr.Web agent does not have access to the service supplier’s server, the agent automatically switches to the so-called “mobile mode” (if the service supplier has allowed this configuration on the server that handles the service). When in mobile mode and if there is no connection to the server, Dr.Web agent automatically switches to one of the Dr.Web Global Updating System servers and also automatically connects back to the server when it becomes available again.

    Dr.Web agent can operate in the mobile mode for up to 30 days.

    Unlike other agents, the Dr.Web for Android agent, when in the mobile mode, does not constantly connect to the server in order to save traffic. To update the virus databases and settings, the agent periodically connects briefly to the supplier’s server if a stable Internet connection exists.

Source : Official Dr.Web Brand
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