This topic explains why FREEDOME VPN does not work in China.


When residing in China, the FREEDOME VPN app often cannot connect to any of the FREEDOME VPN servers. Occasionally, some of the FREEDOME VPN locations may work, but often not. When residing outside China, accessing Chinese website or other Chinese internet services often results in an error message saying that the server IP address cannot be found.


The use of VPN apps (including FREEDOME VPN) is restricted in China. Due to the policy of the Chinese government, VPN connections are blocked in their network for both local residents and foreign people travelling in China. This prevents FREEDOME VPN from working in China.

This Chinese VPN block also affects FREEDOME VPN users outside China. If a Chinese internet service, such as a website, has all of its Domain Name Servers (DNS) in China, the FREEDOME VPN servers will not have access to the website. If the internet service in question has at least one of its DNS servers outside China, it may remain accessible to FREEDOME VPN users.


Due to the nature of this issue, we are unable to solve this.

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