Systems Management is an agent based management solution and so requires the installation of a small piece of software on every device.

The Systems Management agent is profile specific, that is, every profile within the Systems Management environment will have a unique agent so every device that has this installed will populate into its corresponding profile.

How to download an agent

  1. Open the Administration console.
  2. Browse to your desired profile.
  3. Click on the Download Agent or Send download link button in the top left corner of the profile window.

    Download agent -Send download link

  4. Select either Windows or OS X agent from the popup to download and install.
  5. The installer has no GUI progress indicator so look out for the Systems Management icon in the system tray to confirm installation.

    This icon will initially be grey Grey icon - process of connecting while it is in the process of connecting, before turning full color Full color icon - successful connection upon making a successful connection.

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