Microsoft officially ends support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020.
All Windows 7 users have been informed by Microsoft with the following message:


Avira programs are still compatible with Windows 7 and we will continue to provide updates. Further information is available in our Product Lifecycle.

Since Microsoft will stop patching vulnerabilities in Windows 7 operating systems and antivirus programs cannot close security holes at that level, we recommend migrating your operating system to a current Windows version as soon as possible.

Upgrade options

Upgrade the operating system

All Avira programs are compatible with current Windows operating systems and run without any restrictions after an operating system upgrade.

If the Avira program behaves unexpectedly after the upgrade, perform a repair installation.

Move to a new device with an up-to-date operating system

A valid Avira license can still be used on the new device. To do so, perform a new installation of your Avira product.

For more information and interaction visit our Community.

Source : Official Avira Brand
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