At McAfee, we strive to provide our customers with best-in-class products and Technical Support. McAfee is aware of websites that claim to offer McAfee Technical Support when they are not affiliated with, associated with, or endorsed by McAfee.

The best way to guarantee that you receive official McAfee Technical Support is to avoid these other websites, and go straight to our home user support site at https://service.mcafee.com. From here, you can browse our Knowledge Base to find a solution to your problem, or you can speak with one of our support agents by phone or chat.

Scam websites
Some websites that are not endorsed by or affiliated with McAfee might still be genuine. But some websites that offer Technical Support for McAfee products try to charge you a large amount of money for poor or non-existent Technical Support. These websites are known as scam websites. If you suspect that a website is a scam site, do not enter your details (email address, telephone number, credit card details, and so on) on the site. If you are unsure if the website is safe to use, contact Customer Service for advice and guidance.

View this short video to learn more about avoiding scam websites:

To view and subscribe to more videos, visit the official McAfee YouTube channel.

Here are some additional points to note:

  • Free Technical Support is available
    As a customer, you are free to choose where and how you get Technical Support, but note that McAfee offers free Technical Support to customers who have a valid McAfee product subscription. Why pay for support, or give your credit card details to a website that might be a scam website, when McAfee provides free support?

    If you need help with one of your McAfee products, contact McAfee Technical Support. You can choose to speak with our support agents by phone or chat.

  • Abusive or harassing calls
    McAfee will never call you and ask you to pay for Technical Support. If you receive these types of calls, they do not originate from McAfee.

    IMPORTANT: If you receive calls that claim to be from McAfee, but are of a harassing or abusive nature, contact McAfee Technical Support and report the call to one of our team members.

  • Do not hand over your sensitive information
    Be suspicious of websites that ask you for details such as your social security number, your PINs, your bank or payment details, or other sensitive information. McAfee Technical Support, and the Technical Support teams of our partners, do not require, and will never request, this type of sensitive information. If a website asks you to provide this type of information, it is likely to be a ‘scam’ website that you should avoid using.

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