Total WebShield is modern web browsing antivirus protection for your browser, using artificial intelligence and cloud-based technology, Total WebShield is an advanced first line of defense against online malware, phishing, and other harmful websites.

Combined with a suite of privacy protection tools, Total WebShield provides a clean browsing experience whilst quietly protecting your computer from online threats in the background.

Total WebShield blocks access to websites that could harm your device or put your identity at risk. This eliminates the chances of falling for online scams and socially engineered tricks, and perhaps most importantly, suffering viruses or malware.

Total WebShield utilizes the most up-to-date block lists to ensure your safety online. Powered by AI, threat research, and crowd-sourced reports, Total WebShield can untangle and uncover networks of dangerous websites and put blocks in place at source.

Total Webshield comes free with your TotalAV subscription. Download the browser extension here:


Source : Official TotalAV Brand
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