The Application control feature included in Panda Dome products allows you to configure which programs installed on your computer may or may not be executed.

With the Application control feature, a secure and closed environment is set. Thus, it is an ideal extra layer of protection against zero-day threats. The Application control not only allows you to configure which programs can be run on your computer, but it also allows you to set the actions to be carried out when an unknown program attempts to install itself. Thus, the application control may directly block the program execution or ask for confirmation before proceeding with the installation.

  1. Access the protection from the protection panel from the main window.

  2. Follow the installation wizard through:

Steps to configure the application control

  1. Click the Settings button in order to access to the configuration screen for this protection.
  2. By default all the programs considered safe by Panda are allowed to run. Using the Add button you will be able to manually add specific programs and allow or deny its execution.
  3. Set the action to take when a unknown program attempts to run: Ask me or Deny.

Help nº- 20171122 84006 EN

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