A sublicense agreement is concluded between the user and reseller when the user subscribes to the service. The user can read the text of the sublicense agreement in the section Get Dr.Web before taking out a subscription. The agreement describes the responsibilities of the parties as well as the scope of the Dr.Web usage rights licensed to the user.

The agreement is concluded by joining the customer to the terms of the offer. The agreement goes into effect on the date the user starts using the Dr.Web software. The agreement has no end date. The user can always download the accepted agreement in the Supplier section, in the SCC.

The agreement is concluded between the user and one reseller only once. Even if a subscription is suspended or terminated for some period of time and then resumed via the same reseller, the agreement does not have to be concluded again. However, if users decide to purchase a subscription from another reseller, they will have to sign an agreement with the new reseller.

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