A computer virus is malicious code written to change the way a computer operates. Viruses can cause levels of unexpected behavior and damage to a computer.

If a virus has attached itself to a program or file, the virus lies in dark waiting until something on a computer causes the virus to execute its code. Once a virus beings running on a computer, it is quite possible for it to begin infecting other computers on the same network.

Most viruses are types of Malware. Malware is designed to maliciously execute code on a computer. This could be to steal data, log keystrokes, corrupt files, SPAM email contacts, or overtake control of a computer for other, nasty means.

Viruses spread mainly by the internet. Whether it be through attachments in emails or chats, website file downloads, social media scams or hidden in free downloadable, seemingly harmless software.

Signs of a virus

  • Emails being sent to your address book without initiation from you
  • Changes to browser homepage and frequent redirects when trying to visit a website
  • Frequent pop-ups
  • Computer crashes
  • Slow computer performance after a recent computer restart

How to stay protected against viruses

Using TotalAV Real Time Protection will prevent viruses from getting on your computer in the first place. Running regular Anti-virus scans, either manually or through a defined schedule, will ensure any viruses on your computer are stopped and removed.

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