You can filter, sort, and view ticket details on the Tickets page.

    1. Go to the Tickets page.

      Tip: You can filter the tickets that you want to see listed on the page to get a more relevant view.

    2. Click the name of the ticket that you want to view.

Each ticket contains several details:

  • Ticket properties contains general information about the ticket, such as name, description, status, priority, deadline and the responsible person. All details can be updated whenever needed as work on the ticket progresses.
  • Tags include both any tags found in the ticket’s vulnerabilities and manually added tags. Click Add if you want to enter a new tag for the ticket.
  • Followers contains a list of Elements Vulnerability Management users and external users that should receive notifications about changes in this ticket. Note that external users only receive notifications but cannot log in or view the ticket itself.
  • The next two sections, Vulnerabilities on hosts and Vulnerabilities on sites, list the vulnerabilities assigned to the ticket, split into system scan and web scan vulnerabilities. You can expand each vulnerability category to view the number of affected hosts and see their vulnerability status. Most importantly, you can change their vulnerability status.
  • Change log contains a full log of activities relating to the ticket and a comment area for any notes that you want to add to the ticket.

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Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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