The discovery scan results page contains a summary of the scan details, such as scan time and overall statistics, as well as a list of the identified hosts.

To view the scan results:

    1. On the Discovery scans page, click the name of the scan that you want to view.

This opens the report for the selected scan. The actual scan results are listed below the filter and scan summary. This list contains detailed information about each IP, such as its MAC address, reverse DNS hostname, the potential operating system, and the open ports found. Some IPs are marked with a green checkmark icon while others are not. Hosts that are already added to a system scan for network vulnerability scanning are marked with a green checkmark icon.

  1. If you want to narrow down the list of hosts displayed:
      1. Click Filter.

    This helps you remove irrelevant hosts if the scan covered a wide IP range and a large number of hosts were discovered, as the full list of hosts can be overwhelming.

    1. Specify the filtering parameters that you want to apply.
    2. Click Apply.
  2. To add listed hosts to a scan group:
    1. Select the hosts that you want.
    2. Click Add to network vulnerability scan group at the bottom of the page.
    3. Select the target network scan groups.
    4. Click Finish.

    Note: You can also add the discovery scan as a source for a scan group, after which new hosts are automatically added to the scan group. For more information, see Editing scan groups.

Source : Official F-Secure Brand
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