App governance allows you to quickly gain deep insights into the Microsoft 365 OAuth apps in your tenant. For example, you can see:

  • A list of OAuth-enabled apps in the tenant that use the Microsoft Graph API, together with relevant app metadata and usage data.
  • App details with deeper insights and information by selecting an app in the list.

Getting a list of all the apps in your tenant

For a summary of apps in your tenant, go to Microsoft 365 Defender > App governance > Apps.

The app governance app summary page in Microsoft 365 Defender.


Your sign-in account must have one of these roles to view any app governance data.

You will see a list of apps and this information:

  • App Name
  • Added on

    When the app was wp-signup.phped in Azure AD

  • Last modified

    Shows the date app governance was installed in client if that date is more recent than the date the app was last modified.

  • Consent type

    Shows whether app consent has been given at the user or the admin level, and the number of users whose data is accessible to the app.

  • Data usage (preview)

    The sum of the app’s data upload and download in the tenant over the last day, along with the change over the prior day.

  • Publisher
  • App status

    Shows whether the app is enabled or disabled, and if disabled who disabled the app

  • Privilege level
  • Certification

    Indicates whether the app is compatible with Microsoft technologies, compliant with Defender for Cloud Apps best practices, and supported by Microsoft.

  • App ID

App governance sorts the app list alphabetically by App name by default. To sort the list by another app attribute, select the attribute name.

You can also select Search to search for an app by name.

Getting detailed information on an app

For detailed information on a specific app in your tenant, go to Microsoft 365 Defender > App governance > Apps > app name.

The app governance app details pane in  Microsoft 365 Defender.

The app details pane provides additional information on these tabs:

Tab name Description
Details See additional data on the app such as the date first consented and the App ID. To see the properties of the app as wp-signup.phped in Azure AD, select View app in Azure AD.
Data usage See the data usage by the app in the tenant and plot the data usage for SharePoint and Exchange resources. You can fliter usage insights by priority accounts only
Users See a list of users who are using the app, whether they’re a priority account, and the amount of data downloaded and uploaded. If an app is admin consented, the Total consented users will be all users in the tenant.
Permissions See a summary and list of the Graph API and legacy permissions granted to the app, consent type, and whether they are in use. For more information, see the Microsoft Graph permissions reference.

For an enabled app, there’s also a Disable app control to disable the use of the selected app and an Enable app control to enable the use of the disabled app. These actions require these administrator roles:

  • Compliance Administrator
  • Global or Company Administrator
  • Security Administrator
  • Security Operator

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