You can use the Sidegrade.msi package to remove conflicting products before deploying F-Secure Computer Protection for Windows or F-Secure Server Protection for Windows.

You can deploy it the same way as described above for the Computer Protection and Server Protection installer but without using an .mst file.

    1. To prevent the product from being removed during the Sidegrade.msi deployment, generate and use the following .mst file:

FsMsiTool –inmsi <path/to/Sidegrade.msi> –name SIDEGRADE_SKIPLIST ^
–value “SG12” –outmst <path/to/sidegrade_exclusions.mst>
Use the following parameters:

  • inmsi: specify the full path to the installer file.
  • name: specify “SIDEGRADE_SKIPLIST” for an exclusion list property name.
  • value: specify “SG12”.
  • outmst: specify the full path to an output MSI transformation file (.mst)
  1. If you need to prevent another product from being removed as a conflicting product, do the following:
      1. To detect and remove any conflicting products, run the Sidegrade.msi package locally from the command-line using the following command:

    msiexec /i <path/to/Sidegrade.msi> /qb /l*v <path/to/logfile>

      1. In the log file, search for the text similar to “Found auto conflict id:SG12 name:F-Secure Client Security Premium“.
      2. Specify the product name that follows the “name:” label as an argument for the value parameter of the command from step 12. For example:

    FsMsiTool –inmsi <path/to/Sidegrade.msi> –name SIDEGRADE_SKIPLIST ^
    –value “F-Secure Client Security Premium” –outmst <path/to/sidegrade_exclusions.mst>

    Note: In general, you are not required to restart your device after running a standalone sidegrade. However, for some competitor products it might be necessary to complete the installation.

Source : Official F-Secure Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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