You can use the F-Secure MSI transformation tool (FsMsiTool.exe) to provide additional parameters during the remote installation via Active Directory Group Policy.

    1. Download the F-Secure MSI Transformation tool (FsMsiTool.exehere.
    2. Run the tool.

After you have run the tool, a wizard opens.

    1. On the first page, specify the path to the source MSI package, and select Next.

    1. On the next page, specify one or more MSI properties, and select Next.

Note: For a full list of properties and their descriptions, see Command-line parameters and MSI properties.

    1. On the third page, specify the output .mst file or .msi package path. You can specify only one or both paths.

Note: Embedding the properties into the MSI package simplifies the installation, but it invalidates the digital signature. If you want to preserve the digital signature, use the MST file.

    1. Select Generate to generate the output files.

Source : Official F-Secure Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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