Browsing Protection shows a website safety rating on the search results page when you use Google, Bing, Yahoo, or DuckDuckGo.

Color-coded icons show the safety rating of a current site. The safety rating for each link on the search results page appears with these same icons:

The site is safe to the best of our knowledge. We did not find anything suspicious in the website.
The site is suspicious and we recommend that you are careful when you visit this website. Avoid downloading any files or providing any personal information.
The site is harmful. We recommend that you avoid visiting this website.
We have not analyzed the website yet or no information is currently available for it.
Administrator has allowed you to visit this website.
Administrator has blocked this site and you cannot visit it.

To see the reputation rating icons on the search results page:

  1. Open F-Secure SAFE from the Windows Start menu.
  2. On the main view, select Secure Browsing & Banking.
  3. On the Secure Browsing & Banking view, select Settings.
  4. Select Edit settings.

    Note: You need administrative rights to change the settings.

  5. Make sure that Browsing Protection is turned on.
  6. Select Show the reputation rating for web sites in search results.
  7. If your browser is open, restart your browser to apply the changed settings.

Note: Browsing Protection requires that the Browsing Protection extension is turned on in the web browser that you use.

Source : Official F-Secure Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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