Logs are an important tool for tracing purposes.

The Logs section contains a record of all logged software components and related actions with Date, Component, Action and Details. This log provides information to create a complete timeline of events.

  • The Search box allows you to search for any text in the Component, Action or Details columns.
  • The View filter allows you to filter on any Component and Action.
  • The Export button allows you to export a log as a text file. This can be useful for providing extra information in the case of queries or problems.
  • The View details button in the Scan section opens the corresponding report file with detailed information about the scan. The button of the same name in the Update section opens a dialog with information on each update action, such as the number and names of updated program components and the size of the updates.
  • The Clear button allows you to clear the entire list.

Source : Official EMSISOFT Brand
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