The Users page allows you to control user access to Elements Vulnerability Management using Role Based Access Control (RBAC) principles.

User management in Elements Vulnerability Management involves three concepts: UsersUser groups, and Roles.


The Users page shows you a list of all users with access to your Elements Vulnerability Management account. On this page you can review the users and what they have access to, and of course add and remove users.

User groups

User groups act as containers for one or more users. With groups, you can control the permissions (roles) for the set of users. The User groups column shows you which groups each listed user belongs to.


Roles are used to define what a user can access. For example, you can create roles like: View onlySystem ownerAdministrator. To view and edit the roles for your Elements Vulnerability Management account, click the Users menu button and select Manage roles.

Source : Official F-Secure Brand
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