AVG AntiVirus for Mac provides the following protection and options:

Realtime Protection

Realtime Protection is automatically enabled immediatelly after installation of AVG AntiVirus for Mac, and all accessed files are scanned for any malicious code.

If a threat is found, the file is blocked and you will be prompted to decide if you would like to keep it or delete it. If you choose to keep the detected file, it will remain in the original location, but it will be blocked to prevent any damage it may cause.

To disable the Real Time protection:

  1. Click the switch at the bottom of AVG AntiVirus screen.
  2. Enter your Mac password to confirm the action.

File Scanner

File Scanner is an easy way how to check your files for infections. You can simply drag and drop file(s) into the Drop here circle to scan them, or you can click the Scan Mac button to start a complete scan.


You may want to change some preferences of the AVG AntiVirus for Mac. The available options are:

  • Enable or disable scanning of archives, external drives, or shared folders.
  • Enable or disable AVG AntiVirus icon in the task bar.

To access the preferences pane, click AVG AntiVirus in the menu bar, and then select Preferences.

Source : Official AVGsa Website
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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